Bluefort – New Offices

December 21, 2016

Since October 2016 Bluefort Headquarters moved to new offices at Dragonara Business Centre in St.Julian’s.

St.Julian’s is a vibrant coastal city in Malta, known not only for its striving tourism industry such as hotels, restaurants and other entertainment venues but it also hosts multi-national, cutting edge businesses from around the world and from different industries.

Our brand new offices were designed by professional interior designers who focus on creating effective, efficient, yet fun work-spaces for the enterprise, designed to inspire motivation, ideas and creativity in solving real world business problems. For Bluefort, the office is not just a building, but it has been designed in line with the brand identity while supporting our corporate mission statement and values. The breakout area contains a bar, a multi-functional kitchenette, relaxing sofas for informal and ad-hoc meetings, a flat screen TV to engage with entertaining content such as movies and console games. Also, the wide-range of amenities, available just outside the office, allows our specialists and the people they co-operate with, to engage in a relaxing environment and think outside the box.

Over the first few months since the launch, our offices received very positive feedback both from our employees and also from visitors of various customers, Partners and ISVs that we collaborate with in the Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Cloud eco-system.