Dynamics ERP Certifications for Silver/Gold Competency – AX / 365 for Operations

November 10, 2016

By Mirko Bonello

Since Microsoft will be retiring some certifications at the end of this year it is useful to know what the official certification requirements for the ERP competency will be starting February 2017. Besides the MPN ERP competency, these certifications also apply for CSA and SPA.

3 (for Silver) and 6 (for Gold) people collectively must pass the following exams (all individuals must pass at least one exam):

Development Exam: Exam MB6-890: Microsoft Dynamics AX Development Introduction

Trade Exam: Exam MB6-703: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Trade and Logistics -or- Exam MB6-892: Microsoft Dynamics AX Distribution and Trade

Financial Exam: Exam MB6-702: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 Financials -or- Exam MB6-893: Microsoft Dynamics AX Financials

It is fair to note that since Dynamics AX now moved to the cloud and branded as Dynamics 365 for Operations, it is no longer required to have an SQL server certification. In my opinion this should have been replaced by at least one ALM certification (for example a certification concerning LCS and how it interacts with Azure infrastructures and subscriptions). The current competency stream currently includes two people collectively passing MB5-705 – Managing Microsoft Dynamics Implementations but this will be deprecated by the end of this year. Hopefully this will be replaced by a new methodology involving deploying projects with LCS.

The above is subject to change from Microsoft and for official information one should check the competency requirements on http://partners.microsoft.com or contact your Microsoft Regional Service Center. Still I thought it would be interesting to share this news with the community to ensure readiness in the upcoming competency re-structuring.

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For a full list of certifications scheduled to retire please click here.