Engagement Models

Near-Shore Delivery

In this model, you request a specific skill set from Bluefort. This can be development, technical or functional consultancy. Our management analyzes your requirements and provide you with a suggested resource assignment we can provide. The suggestion will be the most cost effective seniority wise where we will suggest the cheapest option that will provide highest deliverable standard. An important factor with this offering compared to what other companies may provide is that although project management lies with the customer, Bluefort’s line manager (Managing Consultant/Developer) will still be chasing the resource responsible for the deliverables and ensuring quality.

Ideally, your team is extended throughout the life cycle of the project to benefit from knowledge economies of scale, but Bluefort’s team can be involved only in specific stages such as the development or support stage. Near-shore delivery is billed on a Time and Material basis depending on usage. Pricing varies based on the seniority of the resource and the length of the engagement.

Work Packages

This model can be applied to the different stages of the typical project life cycle:

Pricing for work packages can be on a fixed price basis or a hybrid fixed price/time & material basis.

End-to-End Projects

In this model Bluefort will be the main contractor for the project, responsible to provide project management, licensing, analysis, functional and technical design, user training, live deployment and support.

Support Projects

In this model Bluefort supports a system, which has already gone live. These type of projects are governed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA).