IoT – Internet of Things

IoT is the technical term which describes linking of traditionally offline objects to the internet without human intervention. This event driven, device-to-device communication makes it possible to gather data using non-traditional methods of data-input by gathering data from active objects in real time. The choices made in the above three areas depend on the environmental factors and restrictions such as monetary budgets, space available, operating temperatures and network coverage in remote areas.

The IoT infrastructure makes depends on having the necessary hardware which must make each object uniquely addressable and transmit the data (such as a RFID tagging, GPS or an accelerometer), the necessary software to collect and send the necessary data to more intelligent devices which can process, cleanse and present the data and a network to enable the inter-device connectivity.

The choices made in the above three areas depend on the environmental factors and restrictions such.

How can it help your business?

IoT has many real life applications which include smart grids, smart cities, eHealth, supply chain control and smart product management. IoT techniques do not only help modernize your business but also transform your company, unveil new business models and help you engage with and open new revenue streams. How? By tapping into data not previously available, having dashboards that make sense out of that data and having intelligent integrations with your enterprise applications such as ERPs and BI systems.

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