Service and Maintenance Management

Bluefort has deep knowledge of Service & Maintenance Management solutions built upon Microsoft Dynamics ERP. We have the knowledge to deploy such software and also customize it intelligently to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our suggested solutions will support field service processes including complaints and warranty, repairs and periodic maintenance. At the same time our customers will have direct access to all the data they need regarding the installed base, contracts, resources and logistics. This will help them shift the paradigm where services are seen as a cost-centre or burden into a paradigm where services become a profitable business and enable a much better customer experience and achieve great customer satisfaction. It also shifts the mentality of being reactive and waiting for objects to break-down to a mentality of pro-activeness where the most critical objects are flagged for maintenance and services before they actually fail and cause disruption in business processes. Our solutions achieve this because they provide real-time information across the business by optimizing the plant’s preventive periodic maintenance and internal maintenance requests as well as repairs.