Wholesale, Distribution, Warehousing

Together with the Financials module, T&L and Supply chain are core modules of Microsoft Dynamics ERP including quotations, blanket orders, purchase orders, sales orders, return orders, transfer orders, stock management and inventory journals and many more. Our consultancy teams are knowledgeable and highly trained in these modules and Bluefort is able to deploy them to a production environment with relative ease due to the 60+ years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics. Our consultants will suggest intelligent optimisations or customisations to suit the specific needs of our customers and our experienced developers and architects will deliver the highest quality solution.
Dynamics ERP also offers powerful inventory management and warehousing functionality built on tried, tested and proven solutions acquired by Microsoft. These solutions allow you to track the movement of stock between various sites, warehouses, warehouse locations, pallets and tracks items by various inventory dimensions and also items that are in quarantine. The software also provides BOM and Product Builder capabilities where one is allowed to design a product with, possibly, a mix of inputs from the production floor and inputs sourced from external suppliers.