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Bluefort delivers innovation in Dynamics 365 with modern subscription management

Würth Phoenix is a software company belonging to the Würth-Group, world market leader in the trade of assembly and fastening materials and offering ERP and CRM software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as IT system management solutions with their monitoring system NetEye. With almost 200 employees and over 1,000 customers, Würth Phoenix is operational from Italy and has offices in Bolzano, Rome and Milan.

Like many businesses today, Würth Phoenix has adopted a subscription model to provide their customers with managed service offerings and technology solutions. This approach not only provides more flexibility to their clients, but also ensures a steady revenue stream for this software company.

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However, as technology solutions evolve and more capabilities are rapidly deployed, so too does the accompanying licence subscriptions. Würth Phoenix is always looking to further increase efficiency and accurately track consumption, activations, deactivations, defaults, related purchase orders and invoices. But often professional services and licensing are growing in complexity and the administrative effort increases.

Würth Phoenix uses Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain management as their ERP and whilst it’s a strong solution for enterprise financials and capable of managing deferred revenue, Würth Phoenix was looking for innovative solutions in automation of recurring billing and the ability to manage consumption-based subscriptions with tiers and restrictions.

Licensing transactions were more and more time-consuming to process due to pricing updates and licensing changes. They needed a suitable solution that was readily available, configurable, didn’t require lengthy implementation and compatible with their existing Dynamics 365 investment.

Würth Phoenix realised that an automated solution on subscriptions could contribute to transparency in the billing process, increased accuracy in revenue recognition and uncover new opportunities. processes driving recurring revenue.

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Würth Phoenix reached out to Bluefort for help. Roman Clara, Business Unit Manager for Dynamics ERP: “We needed to reduce the administrative burden on subscription billing and tracking of financial ramifications of licenses and subscriptions.

Bluefort offered their subscription management solution for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain, also known as “LISA”.

It was the evident choice” explains Bluefort Chief Commercial Officer, Bjorn Kuijt: “As the subscriptions Würth Phoenix offers to their customers are multifaceted and could change at any time, they needed a scalable solution that is already available within the Dynamics 365 framework.

A Microsoft Gold Partner just like Wuerth Phoenix, Bluefort has first-hand knowledge and expertise in empowering the subscription and servitization business model and could immediately translate Würth Phoenix’s challenges to a suitable off-the-shelf solution.” says Clara.

Kuijt concurs: “Using trial environments, we showcased how LISA works in detail, really proving the value. During a couple of small interactive sessions, we realized we are well aligned on collaboration; both the solution and partnering to take on the challenge.

Würth Phoenix assigned a subject matter expert who worked closely with Bluefort’s team of experts and really dug deep into the capabilities before starting their project. As LISA is a deployable package within the Dynamics 365 Framework, Würth Phoenix was able to lead the implementation.

With the right solution for the job, LISA provided Würth Phoenix with:

  • flexible subscription management;
  • automation of related financial transactions;
  • adaptable subscription models without restriction;
  • simplified approach to subscription management;
  • familiar interface of Dynamics 365;
  • mobility anywhere from any device;
  • easy management of complex subscription models.

We are satisfied with the end-result.” says Clara. “LISA not only met our current requirements, but also caters for potential future scenarios due to its inherent flexibility. Users already felt comfortable within the Dynamics 365 user interface and LISA is woven into the framework. We can focus more of our energy on high-value customer interactions.