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Strong foundation sees material supplier JCR Imports take to the Cloud with Bluefort

JCR Imports was established in 1982 as family-run business. Specialising in building materials supply, their focus has always been to combine excellent customer service and competitive pricing.

Established in Malta, JCR Imports has been working with individuals and larger enterprises for over 29 years.

The building material supply industry is an ever-changing and a competitive industry. Continuous advances in product development means that Material suppliers like JCR have to be at the top of their game to ensure high-quality materials that can meet increasingly complex expectations in the building industry.

Striking the right balance between Material Procurement, Project Management and Cashflow requires a solid foundation of experience and supportive technologies to remain competitive and profitable.

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Customer Challenges

JCR Imports implemented Microsoft Dynamics Navision in 2013 to streamline their financials and inventory management with routine updates.

They wanted to eliminate continued maintenance of on-premise infrastructure which could lower capital expenditure and enable them to optimise on licensing via the Microsoft Cloud Solution Partner (CSP) subscription model.

Other key drivers included providing external auditors access to their system as part of a secure infrastructure which was challenging to maintain with their on-premise deployment.

As JCR Imports also transact in foreign currency, a cloud offering would enable them to automate exchange rates calculations which would greatly decrease manual intervention and help them drive the correct price-points for their materials supply business. Bluefort identified their current system as a key pillar in their digital transformation journey.

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Partner Solution

JCR Imports reached out to Bluefort for help. Director, Jonathan Attard notes: “We needed to optimise our financials and inventory with a cloud-first solution and reduce on-premise infrastructure.” Bluefort offered Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central as the solution of choice to meet their goals.

“It was the evident choice” explains Bluefort Chief Commercial Officer, Bjorn Kuijt: “JCR Imports needed a streamlined solution that could seamlessly continue their operations for Financials, Receivables, Payables, Inventory and Fixed Assets. With JCR as a leader in the building supplies industry, a supportive technology to drive the operation is very important for them.”

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Bluefort has first-hand knowledge and expertise in inventory management and financials and could immediately translate JCR’s challenges to a suitable off-the-shelf solution. With hardly any disruption to our business, we migrated to the Cloud and we can continue to give excellent customer service with competitive prices.” says Attard.

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Customer Benefits

Bluefort worked closely with JCR Imports to identify optimisations including licensing, infrastructure and business processes. With the right solution for the job, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provided JCR Imports with

  • streamlined Financials, Receivables, Payables, Inventory and Fixed Assets with enhanced Back-to-back ordering;
  • improved Cash sales process with Receipts issued directly from Business Central;
  • live rates-of-exchange updates and automation of currency conversion in transactions;
  • mobility anywhere from any device;
  • secure and easy access for external auditors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central not only met our current requirements, but also caters for future growth. Bluefort identified key optimisations and the migration was seamless.” - Jonathan Attard, JCR Imports