Bluefort and Sigma Dynamics bring innovative subscriptions software to UK
Press Release

Software solution provider Bluefort and leading digital transformation expert Sigma Dynamics have partnered to bring Bluefort’s innovative Microsoft Dynamics 365-based subscription software solution to the UK for the first time.

The subscription economy has outperformed every leading market growth indicator in terms of revenue growth for more than five years, leading more and more businesses to re-evaluate their business models.

However, the increased administrative tasks associated with a subscription model can be burdensome and negatively impact adoption, with unrealised revenue and manual intervention crippling its success. Bluefort’s innovative Licence and Subscription Management App (LISA) offers a simplified approach to these problems within the familiarity of Dynamics 365.

Bluefort and Sigma Dynamics bring innovative subscriptions software to UK image

LISA has now been added to Sigma Dynamics’ portfolio of products and services, offering its clients a smarter and more elegant way to manage their license subscriptions or managed services business model.

“We’re excited to partner with Sigma Dynamics on this initiative. The Bluefort LISA is embedded within the Dynamics 365 framework and delivers significant value to customers who are managing subscriptions”, said Shaun McKay, Director of Operations at Bluefort UK.

Thanks to the partnership, Sigma Dynamics can now help clients across all industries to simplify and improve every aspect of subscription management, including process automation, data analytics, customer experience and compliance with GDPR, IFRS 15 and ASC 606.

“The partnership with Bluefort strengthens our offering and value add to our customers. Bluefort’s products, services and culture perfectly align to the needs of our clients and I’m looking forward to an exciting future working together”, said Colin Crow, Managing Director at Sigma Dynamics.

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