Bluefort releases License Subscription Management App (LISA) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance

What if you never had to worry about your subscription billing operations again? Improve your operational efficiency, reduce headaches and stress and let Bluefort’s License Subscription App (LISA) help you accelerate your growth.

At Bluefort we are proud to release a brand-new app build for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance that allows any company that sell licenses or subscriptions to easily create and manage license or subscription orders with a periodic billing reoccurrence. The solution is available for all customers using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance also known as Finance and Operations. We are working to make our app available on Microsoft AppSource, side to side with our popular product image import app.

Who did we make the app for?

The app is designed for companies that operate business models with subscription or recurring license revenue. Customers that provide recurring billing like retainers for services or use of products, software companies that license their platforms or products and other service-based companies in financial or professional services where at the core of the processes that the app supports.

How does the subscription and licensing app work?

Built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, you can define the way a product or service must be billed for usage. Here is an example:

Let’s say you sell a SaaS subscription product to a customer

  1. You go to the workspace where you can create new sales orders.
  2. Choose the client and select the product on subscription.
  3. Define the contractual financial terms and you can immediately create the first invoice or capture and send the deposit request for payment.
  4. The app will automatically determine the subscription renewal date and create the next bill all related actions for you.

You can increase or decrease the quantity of the product or service as well as more users or consumption could be added. Managing licenses and subscriptions was never easier!

Why should you get this app?

You are selling and billing subscriptions (for example support or maintenance) or licenses. If you offer subscriptions and licenses to your customers, and you want to manage these contracts effectively without making all kinds of customisations to your business application, then the License and Subscription management App is made for you.

How can I learn more about the app?

At Bluefort we can show you a quick demo and prove the value to you. Just reach out to Bjorn Kuijt at or call us directly on +365 9980 6118.