Current business concerns addressed at technology breakfast
Navigating Business event unifies financial performance and productivity on secure platform with built-in AI for any business to leverage

On 10 March, Bluefort in collaboration with Veracloud and Microsoft hosted the Navigating Business 2020 event at Microsoft, Malta.

Current business concerns addressed at technology breakfast image

We took a closer look at current challenges and effective ways of becoming more agile through the harnessing of accessible technologies to address these questions:

  • What puts our business’ security and information at risk?
  • How can we lower operational costs and be sure of business continuity?
  • How do we increase financial performance and make better business decisions?
  • What can we do to differentiate from our competitors?
  • When will A.I. become affordable and attainable for us?

Our audience engaged with plenty of questions they’re trying to find answers for, and we tackled real-world scenarios to show how businesses can unlock real value in shorter timeframes.

Current business concerns addressed at technology breakfast image

Bluefort showcased:

  • the tangible benefit of never capturing another supplier invoice again through the powerful yet simple capabilities of the Power Platform’s AI Builder.
  • how business productivity could be increased through embedding solutions like Dynamics 365 in the apps that we work with every day like Microsoft Outlook and the benefits of collaborating and using these capabilities, centrally in Microsoft Teams.
  • the capabilities of Power BI and how it enables management to make the right decisions faster without having to wait for insights and analytics from multiple systems, spreadsheets and divisions.

The event was hosted at a time where many businesses face uncertainty in these key business areas due to unexpected challenges. The conclusion for attendees was the increased need for agility in their operational environments, leveraging technology as the foundation to support the initiative.

If you would like to learn more, contact us here for a meaningful discussion about a scalable road map for your business.

Current business concerns addressed at technology breakfast image