Quick wins and pilots with Power Platform.
There are several quick wins available that can help you adapt faster with measurable value at reduced cost.
Quick wins and pilots with Power Platform. image

Businesses globally are still coming to terms with the impact of massive disruptions. In fact, you’re likely reeling with efforts of calculating the impact of continuity, product availability, staff concerns, servicing requests and cash flow.

The biggest challenges you now face involve these questions:

  • Do you have to slice-and-dice data in Excel?
  • Do you wait 8 business hours (or longer) for a report or information to make a key business decision?
  • Do you have to manage confusion about sudden policy or business process changes?
  • Do you need to recoup at least 10% of your day?

Only one “Yes” leads directly to financial and operational losses; a risky situation to be in when there’s already negative factors compounding the problem.

The good news is that there are quick wins you can leverage. Quick wins are layered on existing systems, in short cycles with immediate value and at a lower cost.

Quick wins and pilots with Power Platform. image

Join us for a packed 30-minute call-to-action to solve:

  • Getting critical reports from various systems in real-time
  • Dealing with pivotal turns when processes have to change
  • Automation of tasks and data entry
  • Getting back 1 hour per day for every staff member

We’ll also show you how Pimlico Group in the UK achieved this through remote service delivery - something they’ve never done before!

We’ll share practical tips and guidance on how to lower risk and achieve success with tried-and-tested methodology. Register here