Rethink Customer Service
Don’t cripple your continuity plan through weakened customer service delivery. Focus on these 3 key areas right now.

Recent disruptions to Customer Services divisions have been monumental. Whether you’re able to continue this critical link in the customer-chain remotely or from your offices, many companies must rethink how they deliver this.

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Common challenges include a reduced workforce to respond to customer concerns, unified communications and consistency of company messaging. As businesses have been forced to adapt much faster to continuously changing situations, it’s not unusual for Customer Service teams to feel despondent and frustrated – after all, they are at the forefront: dealing with enquiries, incidents or disruptions in service. If you’ve recently scaled your business to strengthen transacting online, your customer service team is under greater pressure to deal with increased volumes of customer interaction.

As business stabilise and iron out the kinks in their continuity plans, the competitive playing field is becoming more intense. Your customers will not be limited for choice for long! Simply put, if they cannot receive consistent exceptional service from you, their loyalty is up for grabs by competitors who can solve their problems faster, smarter and on the channel of their choice.

Customer Interaction

Customers expect to reach you on a variety of channels. The crux is not the channel itself but incorporating it in your Customer Service solution. Many businesses are faced with two hard choices: should we invest in the integration between these channels or do we manually link the interaction to the ticket? Neither. Both options are costly, not sustainable and can cripple your efforts to stabilise your business and remain competitive. Instead the focus needs to be Customer Service solution which can already incorporate the channels which your customers want to interact through. With the interaction already in your solution as structured data, you’ll not only be able to respond much faster to incidents but can more easily manage increased volume and apply sentiment analysis to specific incidents for at-risk customers.

Internal Collaboration

If you’re winning the race through great initial customer interactions, Internal Communications is where the wheels start coming off. Your customer service team has the added burden of managing more interfaces and countless emails. Despite their best intentions, your customer service team cannot deliver exceptional service if they’re hampered by inefficient communications across multiple platforms. With increased volumes and more challenging operating circumstances they need efficient communication with colleagues, centralised in a single platform where context can be easily maintained.

Company Messaging

With the state of business changing on practically a daily basis, the biggest frustration for Customer Service teams is keeping abreast with Company Messaging. Few things are as damaging to customer loyalty when your customers received inconsistent information – it creates the perception that either your company is operating in chaos or that some members of your customer service team is incompetent. This can lead to an imbalance as customers prefer dealing with certain agents only, or worse; they seek out a competitor who seems to have their ducks in a row. Instead of sifting through multiple company communications indicating the latest procedures or offering information, consistent messaging needs to be pushed straight into your Customer Service solution’s Knowledge Base. This provides your entire Customer Service division to have immediate access to the latest information and your customers won’t have to struggle with outdated self-service information.

What next?

Over the coming weeks and months your Customer Service teams are your frontline workers: they project the state of your business and nurture your clients. They are the vessels of your business’ lifeblood. Strengthening these 3 key areas of Customer Service in your value chain will likely be a major factor whether you manage to fortify your position in the market or lose your footing. Contact us here to discuss delivery of excellent Customer Service!