What the Common Data Model can do for your Business & how can you use it

Many of our clients and partners have scratched their heads around the purpose and use of the Common Data Model (CDM) Microsoft has launched in 2016. In this blog I would like to take you to a quick read on what it is and how you can use it best.

What the Common Data Model can do for your Business & how can you use it image

So, the CDM is a secure Microsoft Azure database that is connected to one’s company account. It has basic entities out of the box and various typical database procedures that can be used.

Its main purpose is to generalize key business data that is mission critical to share across the enterprise application infrastructure. For example, sales transactions and customer data in a retail business.

Let me explain some more about the technicalities of the CDM.

All the latest Microsoft’s Machine Learning tools including Cortana and PowerBI make use of the CDM. This doesn’t only mean keeping your organization’s data well integrated and in sync, but also allowing Microsoft to offer true insights into your Business Data.

For example, like Google’s Knowledge Graph, Microsoft have also developed Satori, which is part of how they have opted to structure information for better understanding by the Users. All this revolves around the ability to provide better insights into one’s own business raw data which in turn gives each business user the competitive advantage of amazing networking capabilities. Take the biggest and most successful businesses for example, namely Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn within the Social Media Industries – they all rely on networking for their success. Knowing details, facts and historic financial information about the individual you are doing business with, or may do future collaborations with it, is critical in today’s world.

So, what does this mean for us who are involved within the IT world daily? If you are the business owner, having KYC knowledge of all your customer available in an instant, realtime and across several platforms seamlessly, proves beneficial at mitigating risk in financial decisions. If you are the recruiter, having a contact list available across your devices with track records, past employment histories, skills acquired etc, helps you find the correct candidate effortlessly. As a retailer you can improve your customer experience by building customer facing experiences, using for example PowerApps or Xamarin, and use the CDM as the data source.

This holistic approach towards business related data makes sure that intelligent and smarter decisions are taken based on facts. We are living in a reality where standard reports, standard applications are no longer the norm, and customized reports and business applications are taking over.

This means that proactive users can easily build the report they need based on the Command Data Model and having the answers they need instantly.

Finally, with the CDM, all the data which was previously collected and safely stored in Data warehouses and Databases alike, will now be working for the business and driving it forward.

At Bluefort we are committed to serve our customers with the right Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities and we belief using the CDM is a key success factor in digital transformation and drive the right decisions for long term benefits.

What the Common Data Model can do for your Business & how can you use it image