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AI Builder on Power Platform
Everyone can AI
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Available on the Microsoft Power Platform, AI Builder improves business performance by automating processes and predicting outcomes. With its point-and-click experience, you can add intelligence to various parts of your business.

The AI Builder uses guided point-and-click AI applications which all users in your business can benefit from. The technology can easily be referenced in multiple applications including the Microsoft Office applications you use every day.

AI Builder includes:

  • Detect Objects – Count and label things in images. Object detection can help you automatically identify and track products in your business.
  • Predict – Predict when something will happen. Using your existing business data, this feature helps you predict business outcomes for instance customer purchases on your online store.
  • Classify Text – Analyse the meaning of text, like reviews or feedback. Sentiment analysis can help you automate the customer feedback process by categorising different types of feedback, allowing your team to focus on key areas of customer service.
  • Process Forms – Automatically handle routine documents like invoices or tax forms. Increase productivity by specifying the information AI Builder needs to extract from forms (like invoices) and automate the transfer of information into various applications.

The AI Builder empowers users from every skill level to incorporate intelligence to business processes; now everyone can AI.