Virtual Agent on Power Platform icon
Virtual Agent on Power Platform
Intelligent chatbots help your customers and employees find information and get help faster with conversational context.

Traditional chatbot development is often limited to a specific channel (like your website) and each new change in the business requires lengthy development to incorporate into the bot’s capabilities. The associated cost has resulted in many companies looking at alternative ways of delivering better customer service often with their own hidden costs. Do your employees regularly struggle with finding the right information to do their jobs?

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents can be embedded in the tools and solutions you use every day to provide a consistent experience for both your customers and employees:

  • Free up your staff to focus on complex requests and high-value customer engagements
  • No-code interface means it’s easier to maintain as your business evolves
  • Measure your chatbot’s performance to enhance and adapt to changing needs

Bluefort helps identify the areas and processes in your business for virtual agent engagement to craft low-code solutions which can be deployed and adopted within weeks and scaled as needed. Connect a variety of data sources without development, use your bot in your daily applications and build on its complexity with Microsoft Bot Framework.

Our expertise provides a best-practise approach which starts with a solid foundation and a strategic roadmap to guarantee continuous value at a lower operational cost.