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Finance and Operations
The endlessly adaptable Dynamics 365 gives you the power to enhance financial performance, close books faster, run smarter operations and drive innovation.

Bluefort offers an all-in-one management solution to businesses through Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management. Incorporating financial management, customer service and project management we equip any organisation with the essential tools for success.


Enhance financial performance

Business intelligence automation will increase profitability by closing books faster, ensuring global compliance, and delivering reliable reports.

Run more intelligent operations

Optimise and connect manufacturing processes to cut costs with increased efficiency of production planning, scheduling, and operations.

Modernise your supply chain

Elevate your supply chain with streamlined warehousing and inventory management processes to optimise fulfillment, logistics and procurement.

Drive innovation with a flexible platform

A modern and adaptable intelligent application that is easy to extend and connect to existing services, for a unified experience that transforms customer interactions.