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Licence and Subscription Management App
The smart and elegant way to manage your license subscriptions or managed services business model.

As companies move toward sustainable subscription-based business models, the associated administrative tasks are negatively impacting the adoption. Unrealised revenue and manual intervention can cripple the model’s success.

LISA offers a simplified approach to complex problems within the familiarity of Dynamics 365. Supported by robust capabilities, LISA delivers a convenient and functionally rich solution for streamlined subscription life cycle management.

Billing cycles are simplified, automated and conclude sooner with fewer errors and minimal human intervention. LISA leverages off the standard Dynamics 365 product and pricing functionality with woven into the framework of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain to provide a tight integration with Sales, Projects and Purchasing.

Gain the competitive advantage

  • Supports complex subscription plans and automates the full cycle from renewal to billing.
  • Incorporates business rules on subscription types.
  • Bundle offerings inclusive of both goods and services.
  • End to end support for Cloud Service Provider (CSP) licensing.

Intelligent and consistent

  • Automated sales orders and back-to-back purchase orders.
  • Recognise revenue with ease.
  • Conveniently post related transactions from one place.
  • Prevent margin leaks when purchasing from suppliers.
  • Extend with IFRS 15 App (click here for AppSource view).
  • Use Microsoft Power Automate and automate over 20 process touch-points.

Automate and Simplify

  • Dedicated workspace and Subscription Cockpit
  • Visualisations and drill-down capabilities using embedded Microsoft PowerBI analytics.
  • Proactive alerts for soon-to-expire and responsive to reinstate expired subscriptions using Microsoft Power Automate.
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