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Licence and Subscription App
The smart and elegant way of managing your license subscriptions or managed services business model.

With so many companies transforming themselves to remain competitive in their markets, many have adopted licence subscriptions or managed services models in order to generate recurring revenue and avoid the impact caused by cashflow interruptions.

Changing the administration of the business to facilitate the licence subscription is a daunting prospect. The reality however, is that there can be numerous back-office transactions depending on the complexity of your model; from sales orders, to purchase orders and payment journals. Multiply the amount of these transactions with the customer count that needs to be billed. Then factor in human error. This mounting workload increases the risk of manual billing errors and hampers the success of your model.

LISA (Licence Subscription Application) is the smart and elegant app for Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management that streamlines and automates that process for you. LISA operates in three easy steps:

1. Select the relevant Journals and whether the posting automation can be enabled.

2. Easily setup a variety of licence and subscription types for example: consumption; unit, device, named user, subscription-based and even managed services or retainers.

3. Conveniently manage your subscription portfolio with ease through a centralised workspace with drilldown capabilities into your licencing cockpit for quick action.

Billing cycles are simplified, automated and conclude sooner with fewer errors and minimal human intervention. LISA leverages off the standard Dynamics 365 product and pricing functionality with tight integration to Sales and Purchasing.

As many companies market their goods and services as offerings which incur a recurring charge, LISA can support your business model growth and can easily scale as you grow. Rooted within Dynamics 365, LISA is the smart way to drive your billing needs without breaking the bank.

Contact us for an introduction to LISA and how she can help streamline your growing business.