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Enterprise Resource Planning

With enterprise resource planning (ERP) software you can integrate all of your business processes. Historically, business software systems, human resources, accounting or finance, have been separate and didn't speak to each other. Bluefort provides unified ERP solutions to facilitate and automate those communications, avoiding business silos. As the needs of your company change, Bluefort anticipates your trajectory by identifying and adapting to new technologies.

ERP systems are evolving, and so are we. Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage in ERP systems can dramatically boost efficiency throughout an organisation. Today, ERP is shifting towards cloud-based systems to the benefit of improved real-time analytics, a more consumer-like user-interface and the ability to efficiently adopt new releases. In the next 5 to 10 years, AI will become a standard for companies that are committed to continuously improving efficiency and gaining an edge over competitors. At Bluefort, our expertise in ERP and AI can build a flexible and future-proof foundation for your business.

Business Process Modelling

A unified business process model is the foundation for a successful digital transformation