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Customer demands are rising and retailers struggle to meet the expectation. Few can exceed customer expectations and grow loyalty. If you are not No# 1 in your market, it’s time to build your business around your customers.

Bluefort’s extensive experience of various Retail sectors can help you:

  1. Deliver engaging experiences for new customers
  2. Showcase a single view of your brand on any channel
  3. Grow with less effort across your environment
  4. Support the unified retail experience with a strong financial back-office
  5. Drive your retail operations with ease

My customers know better

They certainly do! More customers are connected and better informed than ever before. 61% of store managers believe their customers are better connected to products than in-store sales people. Your in-store sales people are dedicated. Empower them to deliver exceptional service with a 360-degree view of products, customer information and intelligent recommendations.

Prevent Out of Stocks

Many retailers today sell stock online that isn’t stocked in-store. With in-store pickup, this drives valuable engagement and additional sales. Showing real-time inventory information online enables customers to enjoy a connected experience. Moving beyond legacy systems and centralising order fulfilment will optimise supply chain. Intelligent forecasting will result in delighted customers.

Keeping customers engaged

Your business might thrive on bricks-and-mortar or online only. Customers expect multiple channels of engagement. In fact, 73% of them will use more than one channel for a purchase. Customers want to see their loyalty, wish list and cart in real time on any channel. It needs to be easy for you to manage branding, promotions and product information in one place. With centralised master information you can drive consistency across each channel with ease.

Seamless Financials

Consolidation, reporting and tax compliance are some of the biggest concerns for retail CFOs. Across stores, between legal entities and consolidating within the Group should not be a headache. Standardised processes within a single solution platform can help CFOs by:

  • closing books faster
  • improving procure-to-pay cycles
  • optimising business performance

With an end-to-end retail solution CFOs can direct more focus on financial governance.

Trusted Partners

Bluefort isn’t just a vendor. We believe in partnerships. Speak with our retail experts to consider a stronger retail solution.

Business Process Modelling

A unified business process model is the foundation for a successful digital transformation